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Prepare for Grad School & Health Professions

Prepare for Grad School & Health professions

It is never too early to start the process of preparing for graduate school or to enter health related professional programs. From your GPA and extra circulars to work experience, undergrad research and job shadowing, starting early is critical to your success.

Almost every graduate school applicant will receive at least one rejection. While disappointing, it’s not quite the final act. Call your contact professors in that department and politely express your regret at not being admitted. Ask them if they can point out where your application was weak or give you some suggestions on how you might strengthen your candidacy in the future. This will help if you choose to re-apply the following year.

Applying to graduate school takes a lot of time and energy. I had to prepare for the GRE, write my personal statement, and keep my grades up-all at the same time. My Career Coach at Career Services critiqued my personal statement and kept me motivated until I got into a graduate program.

Monica Barrett
MS, Electrical Engineering