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Explore Majors & Careers

Explore Majors & Careers

Whether you are sure of what you want to do after you leave Utah State or are just beginning to think about your major and career options, your career coach can help. The best benefit of intentional career planning is a better insight into what makes you – you. The best place to start the career planning and major selection process requires you to look inside through self-assessment, followed by an exploration of the world of work.

Career Planning Overview

Choosing a major or defining an initial career path is an exciting opportunity for you to examine your hopes and dreams and make lifestyle choices. Like the world-of-work, people are dynamic and evolving individuals. Experts predict that on average people will make 10 to 12 shifts in their career direction over the course of a lifetime. Our goal is to teach you skills that will guide you throughout the course of your life.

TWO GREAT MYTHS about career planning

  1. There is only one true or best occupation possible for you.
  2. Someone (a career coach) or something (a career “test”) can tell you what it is.

There are multiple environments and life roles in which people find satisfaction. Though career assessments can provide important and valuable insights and “career coaches” can be catalysts in helping you explore and grow your ideas, you are the only one who knows what is most important to you at any given time. The best career choices are achieved through the processes of self-exploration and values-clarification which are lifelong processes.

How career coaches help

Career coaches are trained to help you meaningfully interpret sophisticated career assessments which are designed to sort and differentiate interest and personality patterns. However, they do not assess your skills and abilities. Career coaches can aid you in thinking holistically about your results, and help you transform the information into achievable action plans.

Where to get started

Research suggests that the best place to start the career planning and major selections process is with self-assessment, followed by exploration of the world-of-work and the world-of-education and training. We encourage you to “Start Somewhere, Trust the Learning Process, and Keep Going!”