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Students on the quad after graduation Services for the Alumni Job Seeker

Career Services at Utah State offers a comprehensive package of services designed to enrich the ongoing career development and success of our alumni.

One-on-One Career Coaching

Whether you are looking for a job, making a career change, or need help building a career search strategy, your career coach can help you develop a customized plan to meet your individual career goals. Together you can discuss career search strategies, networking resources, resume/cover letter editing, interview preparation, mock interviews, accepting/negotiating employment, and your social media presence. Skype, phone, and email consultations are also available for out-of-town alumni. At no cost.

Career Exploration

For alumni considering a career change, Career Services offers a comprehensive program of career assessments coupled with one-on-one interpretation of your results with a career coach.

Customized Career Search Technologies

  • Career AGGIE. Access Career Services’ online job posting and networking system to apply for job openings, connect with employers, post your resume, and network with alumni. Access Career AGGIE and click on Returning Students/Alumni Users.
  • Going Global. This research tool contains more than 35,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad. Log-in to Career AGGIE to access this system.

Fairs and Expos

Meet one-on-one with employers in industry and government, discuss career opportunities, and make valuable networking contacts at the following events:

Networking with USU Alumni

  • Alumni Mentor Contacts. Connect with USU alumni who have volunteered to assist in making contacts or providing career advice. Click on “Alumni Contacts” in Career AGGIE to network with over 1,500 fellow alumni.
  • LinkedIn. Join the Career Services, Utah State University group to build a social network with career implications.
  • Student Alumni Mentor Network. As a Student Alumni Mentor, you can assist current students in their search for an internship or first career position, help other alumni as they seek professional opportunities, and post jobs from your organization for USU students and alumni. Click here to become an alumni mentor.

Grad School Prep/Testing

Whether you’re considering graduate school to advance in your career field or certificate level testing to gain the credentials necessary to begin or expand your career, your career coach can assist in the preparation of grad school applications and personal essays. Graduate admissions tests and other exams are available in the Testing area and include GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and the Miller Analogies Test. Schedule your test time directly at (435) 797-1004.

Career Café

The variety of resources found in the Career Café include:

  • Computers for your online career searching, company research, and social networking connections.
  • Current job announcements from regional to international opportunities.
  • Career exploration and life change resources.

Tips for Career Changers

  • Identify your career assets. Look carefully at all areas of your career and life experiences to clarify your skills, interests, values, needs, and goals.
  • Examine your reasons for changing careers. The average worker will make up to 11 job changes over a working lifetime. There are a variety of reasons for changing careers; work with your career coach can help you update your career strategy.
  • Research new career ideas thoroughly. Research the field to assess the level of “fit” between your skills and those skills necessary to succeed in the new career field, as well as to identify additional training or education needed.
  • Assess how your transferable skills fit and add value in the new career field. Be certain that you can explain to prospective new employers how the skills you have acquired in your work experience can make you successful in your new career field. It’s also helpful to talk to people in your new field of interest for advice in marketing your skills.
  • Look for opportunities to gain experience and exposure. Consider all the possibilities for building new skills and experiences through your network.
  • Network. Networking will be especially important in helping to identify new industry trends and job leads. Utilize the Student Alumni Mentor Network to connect with over 2,000 professionals working in a variety of career fields in both industry and government.
  • Have excellent job search "basics". Make sure your resume/cover letter, interviewing, and negotiating skills are up-to-date and in order to help you articulate your skills as related to potential employers' needs. Your career coach at Career Services can assist you in all phases of the career search and application process.
  • Be flexible. There may be more than one way to satisfy your career criteria, and you’ll need to be open to unexpected possibilities. Your career path may turn out to look different than you had originally planned.

Contact career services at 435-797-7777 to connect with your career coach.