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About Us

Welcome to Career Services!

The Career Services Center at Utah State University is the link between students and meaningful career employment. The career coaches at the Center provide students, alumni, and community members the opportunity to:

Choose a career

Explore educational and career alternatives independently or with a career coach through the use of FOCUS 2, a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you select the right major, clarify your career goals, and provide you with valuable occupation information. Attend our Career Planning Workshop (link to the new Career Planning Workshop page below) to learn more about this and other career exploration activities.

Find an Internship

Obtain career-related work experience that employers look for through an internship experience, or two! Work as a pre-professional in regional, national, and international organizations while obtaining academic credit, pay, and success in the job market.

Prepare for Graduate School

Plan for graduate school wisely by taking various exams in our Testing Services area and meet with your career coach to: decide about grad school, create effective application materials, and receive information about various graduate programs.

Find a Job

Secure career employment by active participation in: one-on-one career coaching and planning, resume/cover letter preparation, networking skill building, interview preparation, Career Fairs & Expos, employer and alumni contacts, career library, and a variety of career search technologies.

Locating a meaningful career is one of the most important accomplishments in life. In fact, meaningful career employment impacts every aspect of an individual's life, including emotional and physical health, quality of life, interaction with others, and the ability to reach one's highest potential.

Whether you are sure of what you want to do after you leave Utah State or are just beginning to think about your career options, your career coach can help. Visit Career Services soon and often to take control of your future!


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