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The assessment strategy in place at Career Services is designed to:

  • evaluate each program offering;
  • utilize satisfaction surveys;
  • perform research as needed to identify opportunities for growth;
  • effectively prepare for each accreditation review;
  • and provide support and data for colleges and departments.

This strategy is accomplished through qualitative and quantitative data gathering which is then used for program review and the creation of action plans. Ultimately, this information is reviewed annually to revise strategic goals for the coming years. Furthermore, all staff is involved in state, regional, and national associations in order to benchmark with peer institutions.

Beginning with the intake process though the satisfaction survey, students’ goals are supported by the programming, advising, coaching, events, and services offered. Outcomes are ultimately determined by ensuring students leave with a complete bundle of skills that enable them to successfully develop lifelong job search skills.

Assessment Overview/Narrative

  • Mission/vision/goals
  • Self-study
  • Professional Standards

Assessment Plan/Matrix 2017-2018

Outcomes Data

Continuious Improvement